How I Learned My True Purpose...

psychic and spiritual guidance

Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you?

“I just want to heal”
“I just want to feel normal”
“Therapy isn’t enough”

Do you worry that all psychics are fakes and that you’ll only be told what you want to hear? Or something generic that could apply to anyone? Do you need to have proof before moving forward?

Let me tell you a story…
A woman named Rebecca came to me in great distress. She had recently gone through a breakup. She was, in her words; “full of sorrow and fury.” She admitted to looking up hexes and curses in the hopes of getting back at her ex.

She was completely distraught. She needed, as she said, “a kind soul to guide her in the right direction.” This was many years ago, early on in my psychic career, so I was nervous to say the least! But I knew I could help her.

We uncovered her deepest feelings and desires through Numerology. Tapped into her personality and needs through Astrology. Revealed the situation (the part she didn’t know) through Tarot. And finally ended with messages from The Universe and Spirit.
  • Numerology showed that she felt deeply and had a difficult time getting over being wronged. That relationships were her life’s focus so any setback in that department
      cut deeply.
  • Astrology revealed that she was extremely sensitive and an over-thinker. They reiterated that she has a hard time getting over heartbreak. They showed that she has a hard time opening up to people, so when she does it’s a great betrayal to have those feelings rejected
  • Tarot showed that there was another woman involved, someone from his past he had never gotten over. They revealed that she would love again, but not for a while. She needed to work on self-love first
  • The Universe came through loud and clear, “love yourself.” It was exactly what she needed to hear. A message came from her Spirit Guide as well, reminding her that “you’re stronger than you think.” This boosted her confidence and enabled her to leave me with a sense of direction.
"Oh my God
That was so crazy! 
Emotional Roller-coaster! 
Told me exactly what I needed to hear."


seriously, her whole reading (with private info removed) is right here!
I followed up with her when she reached out to me about a year later. She apologized for taking so long to get back to me, but a few months after our session she met a man and fell wildly in love. She didn’t need to come to me because she was so happy.

So, of course I wondered what was wrong! She told me everything was great. She was expecting a child and wanted to know how everything was going to go.

We did a short session, everything looked great. I asked her to schedule with me once the child (a girl – I later found out) was born.

We did a full life summary for her daughter when she was two months old. It revealed so much that Rebecca actually cried. It revealed what to expect as her daughter (Sophie) grew and how to best love her.

It’s been a long time since that session and I only hear from her on rare occasions, but I still think back to that day she came to me completely distraught. Knowing that I helped to get her on the right track, a track which turned out to be beautiful and full of joy; is so rewarding.
It was that day that I stopped doubting what I was meant to do.
Joan of Arc once told me...

" you are crazy, you just need to own it! "

Yes, the Joan of Arc.  No, not an impersonator.  No, I haven't lost my mind.

Hi, I'm Hilary Sturges and I am an ordained Spiritual Counselor!

I talk to those that have crossed over, also Gods and Goddesses, as well as the Universe.  To put it bluntly; I'm psychic.  I work with my Spirit Guide, Stephanie to connect to other entities and answer your most pressing questions.

I am also a seasoned numerologist and astrologer.  I've taken all of these skills and wrapped them up into a bundle for you.  It is the most in-depth reading you'll ever experience.  I promise you... it will be awesome!

I have 20 years under my belt and the reviews to prove it.  If that's not enough, I offer a money back guarantee!
" Hilary was amazing and dead on! She really cleared some things up for me that I was questioning! I will definitely do another reading with her!  "


seriously, her whole reading (with private info removed) is right here!

Psychic Peep Show

I will help you to reveal your true self -- naked and unafraid!


Life By The Numbers

Life Path

Reveal your most important number, your life path!  This number contains who you really are and where you're headed.  It shows your priorities and what makes you tick.

Personal Year

Is this a good year to start a business or find love?.. we will reveal it all!  There's a 9 year cycle and we'll figure out exactly where you are in that cycle so you know what is coming up.

Heart's Desire

What is your deepest wish?  What did your parents want for you when they named you, maybe without even realizing it?  This number tells a lot about your expectations of yourself.


What do others think of you?  This number will tell you exactly how you come across.


What Do The Stars Say?


How you reveal yourself to others, the Sun sign is what you think of as your Zodiac sign but there's so much more to it.  This sign is who you are on the outside.


How you feel deep down, your moon shows who you really are on the inside.  It exposes your vulnerabilities and insecurities. 


How you change during Saturn's Return (around age 29).  This is your "grown-up" sign.  Your sun sign starts to influence you less and your rising sign comes into play in your late 20s.


How you express aggression, this is a sign of passion and anger.  Are you aggressive or passive aggressive?  This sign will tell you.


How you show love, this sign is all about emotional and physical expression of affection.  Working with (and not against!) your sign will help to make relationships smoother.


How you communicate, this sign is so important because it shows your style of expression.  You need to take that into account to know how to work with others.


How you take care of others, this sign is all about maternal and paternal instinct.  It will show you not only how you parent, but how you take care of everyone in your life.


It's All In The Cards

The Big Spread

A 9-card spread that will go into great detail about where you are at present and more.  Discover your far and recent past, far and near future, present, love, career, obstacles and strengths.

3 Questions

Ask anything --- I will pull a card for each question!
Get invaluable insight!


Let's Hear It For Spirit

The Universe

A message from The Universe specifically for you, it will be exactly what you need to hear.

Mystery Guest

This could be from a deity, a loved one or even an alien, whoever shows up will have an important message for you.

Bonus Call

Follow-Up 15 Minute Call

There will be a ton of information to digest in your reading!  Once you get the results, book time with me to go over them and explain anything you don't understand, as well as answering any additional questions in the time allowed.
If you prefer, this follow-up can be done over Facebook messenger!


“I had a wonderful reading, she’s the best I’ve met so far. Very open.”


“I just had a reading, it was amazing! The best one I ever received. I was blown away by the accuracy!”


She definitely has a gift! She was spot-on! Her reading gave me the confidence to do what I need to do, and it helped me understand things better… amazing! Absolutely amazing!”


Each reading takes me hours to craft and perfect, if you were to get the same level of depth from a pay-by-the-minute psychic hotline it would cost upwards of $2,280.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the reading?
You will receive a beautiful PDF that you can save or print as well as the text transcribed in an email within 5-7 business days.  Included in this email is a link to schedule the bonus follow-up call.
What do I do after the reading?
Schedule the call with me using the link provided in the email.  We will discuss your reading, I'll answer any questions you have.  If new information comes to light, I will share it with you.  If you have more questions, I will pull more Tarot cards.
Can I get a longer follow-up call?
Absolutely!  15 minutes is longer than it sounds and is sufficient for most people.  But, if you feel you will have a lot to talk about it, you'll have the option to add more time on the checkout page.
Is there a discount if I get more readings?
Most of the information in your reading won't change as it's based on your birth information.  But, if you'd like another reading in the future you can definitely book one.  It will be either Tarot or messages from Spirit, and of course there's a discount!
Can I buy one for someone else?
I don't recommend this unless you are absolutely sure they will be comfortable with it.  You'll need their birth time and full birth name, so double check the info.  If this is a gift and you'd like me to email them directly, send me an email at after you purchase.
How long have you been doing readings?
It seems like forever, but it's around 20 years.  I have always been intuitive, even at 1 year old I was talking to Spirit according to my mother.  I started using Tarot cards 12 years ago and fell in love with the messages they can give.
How do I know this is legit?
Trust your gut!  If you don't feel comfortable with me, don't purchase a reading.  I want to help as many people as I can, but if you're not all in the reading may not go smoothly.  Trust in The Universe and be open and you will have a trans-formative experience.
What do all the zodiac signs mean?
Instead of a full natal chart, I concentrate on the aspects I find most important.  Your sun sign is who you show to the world.  Your moon sign is how you feel.  Your rising sign is who you become at 30.  Your Mars represents aggression, Venus represents love.  Mercury is how you communicate and Jupiter is how you care for others.  I explain each one in thorough detail!
What is Numerology?
Numerology is an ancient practice, it's based on the idea that each number has an energy.  Pythagoras assigned each letter to a number, expanding on Numerology to include your name as well as your date of birth.
What information do you need?
Your full name at birth, birth location and birth time.  To calculate your numbers, I'll need the full name.  To calculate your astrological signs, I need the precise location and time of birth.
How do you talk to Spirit?
When I talk to The Universe, it listens but does not always answer in words.  Usually, it sends me signs, I use Oracle cards to interpret them.  To talk to deities, passed loved ones and aliens, I ask my Spirit Guide (Stephanie) to connect me to them.
What if my reading makes no sense?
You should get a sense of complete knowing from the reading.  If you don't, we'll discuss it during your follow-up call.  If you feel that I really missed the mark, let me know and I will refund your money.

Why the hell is it called Psychic Peep Show??

 Well, why the hell not?     

But seriously, the reason for the title is that I want you to feel a little uncomfortableThis is not going to be your average reading.  I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear.  I am going to communicate with your Spirit Guide and learn what makes you tick.  This will be incredibly revealing and yes, maybe even a little naughty!

If not today... then when?

As I get busier, I'm going to need to raise my rates.  But you can get in at this low price if you act now!
Don't wait another day, get the insight you need to make your best decisions going forward.  You will have a deeper understanding of yourself than you ever thought possible.

My pinky promise!

I promise to guide you in the most loving and gentle way, but I will not hold back if there's something you really need to hear.  So, be prepared for that.

This reading will reveal who you really are and some of what is to come.  If it doesn't meet your expectations, just let me know during our follow-up call and I will refund your money.

Yes, 100% of what you paid.  I can't get back the hours I spent preparing your reading, but if it's not wonderful, I'd rather take the hit than you.
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